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Printing out promo materials for our childcare

We used to give prospective parents a basic pamphlet when they walked through the centre, but we soon realised many of them were not calling us back. We are just a small centre, but we are competing with chains of childcares that have dedicated marketing staff. I think we offer a service that's just as good, if not better, but we have to make sure that our promo material shows us off to our very best. This blog is dedicated to help other early childhood service provider get great printed promotional materials to help attract new families to use their services.

Printing out promo materials for our childcare

Why a Vehicle Wrap Could Revolutionise Your Marketing Effort

by Irene Andrews

Have you reached a plateau in terms of your business marketing efforts? You may have tried all the traditional channels like newspapers, radio, local TV, billboards and even park benches, but nothing seems to be producing the desired effect at the moment. It's possible that your audience has simply switched off and is subconsciously blocking out your message, so you need to think of something more unusual that will get them back on track again. If your service personnel or sales force drive around in a fleet of vehicles that you're paying for, then this could be your answer.

Use What You've Got 

You may treat each of these vehicles as a cost centre, and over the course of the year, the associated expenditure will surely make a hole in your bottom line. Of course, this is a cost of doing business in your arena, but you could make more use of these vehicles by treating them as a mobile advertising board. As it is, they simply blend into the background when they drive from point to point, but if you incorporate some eye-catching graphics, then they will automatically attract some attention.

The Perfect Solution

Think about this for a moment. Billboards and park benches are static objects, and while they may be passed by a certain number of people on a given day, your vehicle will end up in front of a much larger audience, simply because of the distance it will travel. This should give you an exponential boost in terms of the number of eyes that see your message.

Coming up With a Plan

Of course, you will have to be innovative and develop the right type of message, and this is where you need to bring in graphic designers and digital printing experts. However, the beauty of this technology is in its versatility, and the approach is quite cost-effective as well.

Local Focus

Most of your revenue comes from local sales, and surely there is no better way to advertise than to take your message to your prospects instead. Vehicle signage allows you to do just that but remember to plot the movement of each vehicle carefully on a given day so that you maximise this opportunity.

It's Only Temporary

Finally, remember that these vehicle wraps can be removed once the campaign is over, so you don't need to worry about any long-term impact on the value of the vehicle.

On the Move

Why not divert all your other marketing expenditure towards this campaign and do it really well? Talk with printing experts so that you get the job done right from day one.