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Printing out promo materials for our childcare

We used to give prospective parents a basic pamphlet when they walked through the centre, but we soon realised many of them were not calling us back. We are just a small centre, but we are competing with chains of childcares that have dedicated marketing staff. I think we offer a service that's just as good, if not better, but we have to make sure that our promo material shows us off to our very best. This blog is dedicated to help other early childhood service provider get great printed promotional materials to help attract new families to use their services.

Printing out promo materials for our childcare

Five occasions you should give a pen as a gift

by Irene Andrews

Giving a great gift can be hard, but it doesn't need to be. For a gift that demonstrates respect, appreciation and encourages creativity, look no further than a sophisticated pen. Here are five perfect occasions when a pen is the ideal gift.

University acceptance or graduation

When a relative or friend is accepted to university, it's a great time to show them that you respect their intellect and support their learning journey. Likewise, graduating from university is an occasion for recognising the graduate's achievements, and showing your support for their future career path. A well-made and reliable gifted pen will bestow these feelings of regard and esteem.

Thankyou gift for your doctor or midwife

It's customary to give your paediatrician a thankyou gift following the birth of a child, however thinking of a suitable gift can be a real challenge. To show your admiration for both your doctor and their honourable profession, a sophisticated pen is the perfect gift. Similarly, a midwife would sincerely appreciate the gift of a beautiful pen, and your child will be remembered fondly with each time they jot down a note.

Book publication

What better way to show your admiration for the hard work and creativity that goes into having a book published, than to give the gift of a sophisticated writing instrument? It's the perfect way to recognise the significance of the occasion, and commemorate the author's efforts. Perhaps have it engraved with the book title or pen name for a personalised touch.

Secret Santa

It's genuinely difficult to buy a gift for someone when you've simply drawn their name out of a hat. A pen makes a wonderful Secret Santa gift, as you can select a pen that suits the receiver's personality, profession and style. As most Secret Santa systems have a maximum spending limit, it's easy to buy a beautiful pen within the allocated price range, and you may even be able to include embossing the receiver's name on the pen as an extra special touch.

Encourage creativity or motivation

In an age dominated by technology, giving a pen is a beautiful way to encourage someone to go back to basics and explore the written word using ink and paper. If you have a friend or family member who is in a creative slump, giving them a stunning pen will both recognise their capacity for creativity, and motivate them to create lists, write letters, keep a journal, or even learn calligraphy. A fountain pen is a particularly special gift for a creative person, as using a fountain pen requires skill and mastery.

Chat to your local provider of sophisticated writing instruments for expert advice and assistance to find the perfect pen for your next gift giving occasion.