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Printing out promo materials for our childcare

We used to give prospective parents a basic pamphlet when they walked through the centre, but we soon realised many of them were not calling us back. We are just a small centre, but we are competing with chains of childcares that have dedicated marketing staff. I think we offer a service that's just as good, if not better, but we have to make sure that our promo material shows us off to our very best. This blog is dedicated to help other early childhood service provider get great printed promotional materials to help attract new families to use their services.

Printing out promo materials for our childcare

Considerations When Buying a New Office Photocopier

by Irene Andrews

No matter the reason why you are looking into duplication equipment, whether your current photocopier has worn out or you are looking to upgrade your business technologically, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. This will ensure that you can make the best choice when upgrading from an analogue system to selecting a digital photocopier for your individual business' needs. Here are some of the considerations when buying a new office photocopier.

Establish what your business needs are

The only way that you can successfully expedite your business' photocopying needs is by determining what they are in the first place. This will enable you to make a choice on which photocopier best meets these needs. For instance, if your business heavily relies on faxing clients or providers, scanning documents and making high volume photocopies, then you would be best suited with a multifunction digital photocopier. These types of digital photocopiers not only enable you to adjust the collating settings as you see fit, but they also expedite your various office procedures. This enables you to streamline your business by simply upgrading one piece of equipment as you decrease the amount of man-hours spent on these tasks.

Invest in a photocopier with network capabilities

Network capabilities refers to the photocopier's ability to directly interface with your office's computer network. Although typically regarded as a feature in other forms of office equipment, such as printers and phone systems, you can now opt to have your multifunctional digital photocopier online too! It should be noted though that opting for networking capabilities does not simply mean purchasing the first photocopier that you come across with this feature. You would have to ensure that the photocopier that you select could be integrated into the current operating systems that you have in your office. Otherwise, you may purchase a photocopier and end up having to change the operating systems in your office due to incompatibility.

Enquire about the copy speed

Another aspect to consider when contemplating purchasing a new photocopier would be its inherent copy speed. The type of copy speed that you would require would be largely depend on the number of users in the office. In addition to this, the copy speed that you would need would also correlate with the copy volume that your office would require. Typically, the higher the copy speed, the higher the volume produced by your photocopier.