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Printing out promo materials for our childcare

We used to give prospective parents a basic pamphlet when they walked through the centre, but we soon realised many of them were not calling us back. We are just a small centre, but we are competing with chains of childcares that have dedicated marketing staff. I think we offer a service that's just as good, if not better, but we have to make sure that our promo material shows us off to our very best. This blog is dedicated to help other early childhood service provider get great printed promotional materials to help attract new families to use their services.

Printing out promo materials for our childcare

What to Do When Putting Custom Safety Label Stickers in Your Business Premises

by Irene Andrews

Sometimes, the production line in your business facility poses a danger to the safety of those who are visiting the premises. Using equipment that requires a lot of heat, flammable liquids or electricity can injure both employees and other people visiting the premises. Without warning signs, you can be sued for negligence of other people's safety and end paying hefty fines for damages. Thankfully, you can use custom safety label stickers to enable you to warn people of any impending danger, a measure that will reduce the possibility of physical injuries. The custom made safety label stickers are made to suit the specific hazards posed by your business. Here are few things you should do regarding custom safety label stickers in your business premises:

Go For Bright Colours

The essence of having a safety label sign is to keep people from being injured by what is happening in the business premises. Therefore, these signs should be seen by anyone who is at risk. They should attract someone's attention. This can be done easily by using bright colours that stand out even if an area is not well lit. You should use orange, yellow, pink, red, and olive green against white or black backgrounds. In this way, the sign can be seen and read easily even from a distance because there is a lot of contrast between the writing and the background.

Go for Diagrams

Beside brightly coloured words, images can a long way in helping you communicate the safety warning more vividly. Images on safety signs are common in many places, and the people vising your premises may be well aware of them. A good example is the "no smoking" image where the sign has the image of a smoking cigarette with a horizontal line drawn across to show that smoking is forbidden.

However, take a case where you are using a unique machine for process your products. Assume that the machine can send out small metal chippings which can hit and injure and hit someone in case of a technical fault. If your clients walk by such equipment, they may not even know its name. Therefore, you can use a written warning sign, complemented by an image of the machine with an illustration of how the metal chipping might be thrown out of the machine. Even if they are not familiar with the name of the machine, a picture can help them picture what might happen and keep a safe distance.

Distance from the Peril

Remember to put the safety label stickers at a reasonable distance from the area where a person could be possibly injured. If the person is at risk of injury as they walk or drive along a certain stretch, put several warning stickers along to act as a constant reminder to the person.

Naturally, people can forget at times. The safety label stickers will also help to remind your forgetful employees who might overlook the risk they are exposed to.