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Printing out promo materials for our childcare

We used to give prospective parents a basic pamphlet when they walked through the centre, but we soon realised many of them were not calling us back. We are just a small centre, but we are competing with chains of childcares that have dedicated marketing staff. I think we offer a service that's just as good, if not better, but we have to make sure that our promo material shows us off to our very best. This blog is dedicated to help other early childhood service provider get great printed promotional materials to help attract new families to use their services.

Printing out promo materials for our childcare

3 Things to Tell Your Graphic Designer for an Outstanding Logo

by Irene Andrews

Some business owners make the mistake of thinking that their role ends at providing the company name and payment when they want a new logo for their business. This mistake makes the logo design process very lengthy and tedious to all parties because several changes end up being made to the graphic design as the wishes of the company become apparent when it is very late in the design process. This article discusses some things that you should tell the designer of your logo so that you get the best logo possible.

Provide Your Long Term Goals

This information is very important because it helps the graphic designer to come up with a logo that will stand the test of time. Describe the range of products and services that you hope to deliver to clients in the next 5-10 years. For example, your company may be making only deodorants for sportsmen and women but it plans to make perfumes for working class people. You should also provide information on the new client segments (such as young professionals) that you would like to target in future. This information will help the graphic designer to design a logo that will appeal to the current and future clients. That logo will also be representative of the future products or services that you wish to bring to the marketplace.

Explain Why You Need a New Logo

Companies order new logos for several reasons. For example, the company may have merged with another company. The company may have changed its core products. For example, a company that previously focused on fun activities (such as selling winter sports gear) may need a new logo if it is now offering accounting services. Be as detailed as possible when communicating the reasons for your quest for a new logo.

Outline the Competition You Would Like to Beat

It is also helpful if you tell the designer about the competitors that you would like to outshine in the industry. This information will help the graphic designer to conduct focused research on how your competitors have branded themselves in order to reach target clients. The information will also help the designer to study the audience of competing firms so that he or she designs a logo that will create a favourable impression to the clients of your competitors.

As you can see, the logo design process can only have a satisfactory outcome if you work closely with your graphic designer to capture the gist of your business in the new logo. You should therefore be available to answer any queries that the designer may have at different stages of the design process.